I am Jaya Avendel, an eighteen year-old word witch from the the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, passionate about life where it intersects with writing and the dreamscapes lost in between.

So, what is the deal with this blog?

I was disappointed to find that blogs and websites on parenting and writing are nearly always separate, despite many writers also being mothers and fathers. I wanted to focus on the family behind writing. I wanted to focus on the parents who are also writers and cooks and artists.

Despite common thought that one must have a specific niche to be successful, I started Nin Chronicles three years ago, as a place to share the things I have to say and to connect with people who love what I have to say as well as people who can learn from my perspective.

I often enjoy expressing ideas and thoughts on many mainstream topics by way of poetry and short stories instead of writing longer articles; I love giving food for thought in as many words as are needed, be it seventeen syllables or seven hundred words.

I have also begun sharing the knowledge I have amassed as a published writer in creative writing guides aimed at beginning writers so you can learn to focus, refine, and share your writing with the right eyes. I look to publish these guides at least once a month, and ideas for future how-to’s and guides are always welcome!

I love trying my hand at new things writing-related, be it reviewing or responding to a photo or word prompt with a creative piece. I enjoy reviewing poetry and fantasy books and writing-related products. If you are interested in being featured on Nin Chronicles, wish to purchase an advertisement slot, desire a book or product review, want to sponsor a post, or have ideas for a collaboration, shoot me an email through my Contact page, or at jayaavendel@gmail.com.

Selected Past Brands, Sponsorships & Reviews:

Review: The Jaguars That Prowl Our Dreams by Mary Mackey

(Sponsored) Why The Wicked Boy is a Powerful Cycle Breaker, Not a Gruesome Child Killer.

(Gifted) Corners of the Writing World with Photowall

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Facebook: Immerse yourself in beautifully illustrated and soulfully expressed parenting quotes highlighting the benefits of practicing gentle/positive/responsive parenting. I also share writing-related and publication news, often before I share it on Nin Chronicles.

Twitter: Here I share almost daily micro-poems, as well as links to writing that I love from around Twitterville and the Blogosphere.

Instagram: The poetry magic happens here! On Instagram I share visual poems, respond to literary journal prompts, and enter in poetry competitions hosted via this platform.

Pinterest: My Pinterest is not a booming affair because I mainly only pin writing I have read across blogs and websites as opposed to pinning incessant catchy pins. Know you are mostly reading honest writing when you explore my boards.

Patreon: All my public writing is wholesome and beautiful and full of me. On Patreon I share exclusive writing, including flash fiction and short stories for those who wish to support me.

I would love to have you join me on my writing journey at any of the aforementioned platforms and right here on Nin Chronicles!

Nin Chronicles is updated twice a week, between 2 and 5 PM on Mondays and Fridays.

Check out my Blog Policies & Disclaimer if you have any further questions!

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