Hero’s Journey

What are these lies

Flowing from the egoistical lips of men?

If only you could find it in yourself

To dress in truth

You might inspire the underdogs to

Rise above the binding of toxicity.

But then

How quickly the bullied

Become the bullies

In the face of lesser men.

Painting: The Cannon Shot, 1680, by Willem van de Velde the Younger

Inspired by Eugi’s Weekly Prompt: twilight

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46 thoughts on “Hero’s Journey

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  1. Powerful and a lot of truth here for both men and women I believe. This makes me think of the bullying that happens with young children where it likely never goes away. It packs a powerful punch. Well done! ❤️Joni

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  2. This piece reminds me of all those with influence who spread propanda and toxicity. I love the pairing with this painting. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Gosh, I love this poem, Jaya. I adore how you use the concept of truth, and the necessity of being authentic, instead of egotistical performance, which are examples of people (men) who don’t know who they really are, and are using language as a tool of manipulation and, as you write, toxicity. And, lastly, how these performances are then picked up by generations that come after, and are allowed, nay, continually reinforced. Lovely poem, my friend. Powerful.

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  4. Jaya, these lines stood out to me~
    “You might inspire the underdogs to / Rise above the binding of toxicity.”
    The world might look profoundly and positively different if this were the norm.

    Thought-provoking poem, Jaya.

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  5. This poem spoke in a lot of different ways to me. One that stood out was the thought of how people lie and then those of low standards who can clearly see the truth still go ahead and make the victims look like the perpetrators. I loved this poem. Beautiful as always. x

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