In waiting for the

Beacons to be lit I find

A copper-blue piece

Of myself to nourish

In anticipation of flight.

Photo by Daniel Mingook Kim

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25 thoughts on “Background

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  1. Waiting for the beacons to be lit reminds me of wars fought in ancient Rome or Greece. It also brings up images of fantasy films where it’ll signal the important battle. However, by the time you get to flight it makes you think either a pilot getting read for something like the battle of Britain or a signal to to start an escape from danger. So much from so few words

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  2. Ooo this one just hits! The photo captures the words too, taking on all different meanings.
    Thank you for sharing another wonderful piece, you are truly talented!
    Aimsy xoxo

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  3. You can pack so much in less than twenty-five words. Never, ever stop writing my friend.
    PS: Do I sense a bit of mid-19th century history here? : )

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    1. Never, ever is a promise to myself!
      Love the hints of mid-19th century you picked up on! Combined with that, I was also going for a little Tolkien-inspired beaconing. 🙂


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