‘Finding Self’ Published at Green Ink Poetry!

I am delighted to share my micro poem, Finding Self, is published at Green Ink Poetry as part of their sixth collection, Discovery.

The Discovery collection explores connection and exploration through evocative imagery and links to the ruthlessness and myriad beauty of nature. The writing in each poem does not ignore the soothing effect a raw landscape has upon us, nor its invitation to breathe.

Beautifully illustrated, the Discovery collection offers each piece of writing as a discovery. Be drawn to the photographs. Be brave enough to allow the poem titles to enchant you!

Finding Self is a discovery I experience repeatedly. To have found my inner self one day is not to know it the next, as I am aware I am constantly changing. Every dawn I am a new person asking to be reintroduced to myself.

Many aspects of me remain the same throughout my evolution. But, unlike a television show where the members of the cast do their hair the same day after day and alternate between two sets of clothing, I cannot. I cannot braid my hair every morning for a week without needing change. No, I am not recognizable by my clothing but by myself.

I invite you to enjoy Finding Self and realize the splendor of the foundations completing your figure.  

Walking on the crumbling bank beside

A river choking on dead dreams . . . please continue reading here and feel free to share your beautiful thoughts!

Photo by Denny Müller on Unsplash

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48 thoughts on “‘Finding Self’ Published at Green Ink Poetry!

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  1. Down in the dumps, stuck in the past, suffering from wounds that seemingly will never heal and then your legs give way. But somehow you don’t fall down. You are your most reliable prop.

    “Breathe.” I loved this word in the context of the poem. I inferred two different meanings from it. One, you compose yourself. Two, you are still alive and have a future to look forward to.

    Thanks for beautiful piece of work. Xx

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  2. Oh my, Jaya! What a gorgeous poem that says so much in a few lines. You are such a talent. My breathe stopped at the end of the second line and then the wonder flowed from there. Bravo! 👏🏼

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  3. Congratulations on another publication, Jaya, and what an evocative set of words. Looking down trips us up in more ways than one, and the river of dead dreams made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up!

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  4. Breathe.
    Yes, i breathe every time I read your words and they start flowing into my mind taking images, memories and emotions.
    Could the river have the power to refresh dead dreams? I wish so.
    Really BEST compliments! The Discovery collection is a real caleidoscope of pictures and words dancing together.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Congratulations on the publication! This is such a beauty and it’s quite breathtaking down to the final word. That can be so hard to do that with brevity, you’re talented! I love the imagery you create throughout your words.

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  6. I appreciate the vulnerability in this piece, the sky, river, and “me” all reflections of the same thing….and, the stumbling over pebbles is so ultra human, as is stopping to pause and breathe. Lovely, Jaya. Congrats on the pub!

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Congratulations your personal growth is so inspiring with your writing accomplishments. This is a lovely piece of writing, I love you attention to details. Thank you for sharing Jaya.

    Lauren -bournemouthgirl.com

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