Two Poems Published at Free Verse Revolution!

I am delighted to share two of my poems, Postage Due and Under The Disco Lights, are published in the second issue of Free Verse Revolution’s enriched and distinct literary magazine!

Titled Hermes (the kaleidoscope), this issue explores individuality, personality, love, heartbreak, and communication as through the eyes and persona of the Greek messenger god, Hermes. Hermes also represents trade, wealth, luck, fertility, language, thieves, and travel: Hermes is a kaleidoscope.

I chose to approach the concepts of Hermes and the kaleidoscope as two different dynamics and treated each one to a rendition of the face I put to each word. Ultimately, we are all our own collection of colors. Giving breath to one shade requires focus.

Through poetry, prose, and artwork from thirty-nine different creators, Hermes (the kaleidoscope) explores soulful stories and gives rise to food for thought. Within this collection, Hermes is both familiar and unknown. In abstract and surreal but always evocative writing, the messenger god is reborn and reborn again.

Reading this issue, I am reminded of the amazing facets individuality takes on. Thirty-nine people took the same prompt and gave it a meaning and life unique. As sole editor Kristiana Reed states on the opening page, “It is my hope you will notice how in this issue, through the sheer will and talent of our creators, you will meet Hermes in his power . . .”

The following is an excerpt of my poem, Under The Disco Lights.

You will find me

Grinding the devil to salt powder

Under my tapping feet

Distilling him down to his empty essence . . .

Postage Due may be found on page 25. Under The Disco Lights resides on page 42. Experience the entire collection by clicking here or explore the issues page at Free Verse Revolution!

Cover Art by Kristiana Reed

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30 thoughts on “Two Poems Published at Free Verse Revolution!

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  1. Congratulations! Both poems are just so mesmerizing, captivating, dark, and above all, they’re haunting. The grief in Postage Due is so heartbreaking, and with Under The Disco Lights, it feels gothic, freeing, and consuming in a narrative that builds up to a gravitating love. That final line in there is just evocative and haunting: “Let you be the soul on my lips.” 👏👏👏

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  2. It is exciting to see your work getting published on a regular basis. I like that you were able to treat the poetry as different themes and bring in some good diversity not only to the publications but your portfolio as well. I like the name of Hermes! Wow, it really represents a whole community with all of those elements. Keep up the amazing work!

    Nancy ✨

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  3. In both the poems, you have explored Hermes’ lifestyle wonderfully 🙂

    Congrats, Jaya, for getting published.

    Before I take off the other glass shoe and Let you be the soul on my lips.

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  4. Well done on getting two published, that must be such an amazing achievement! That little snippet was great and I’m off to read the rest! Em x

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  5. Congratulations Jaya! This calls for a party I’m sure! 😁. Your poems are definitely publish – worthy! Keep shining your light and stay blessed always ❤️❤️💐🙏🤗

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  6. Congratulations!! It’s so nice every time I see your poetry being published 🙂 Also, thank you for that link, now I know what I will be reading this afternoon.

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  7. Congratulations on having two more of your pieces published. I wasn’t expecting to get a PDF download of the magazine by clicking your link, which was a pleasant surprise. Nice of you to also give some other writers a shout-out too.

    This might be because I studied addiction and worked for a substance abuse charity, but Under The Disco Lights makes me feel like the poem is about alcoholism

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  8. “Ultimately, we are all our own collection of colors. Giving breath to one shade requires focus.”
    i am in love with these words of yours Jaya!
    YOU give me the breath to me, to my focus.
    And in general all your poems are kaleidoscopes bringing very important and meaningful messages.

    Liked by 2 people

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