Kiss me more

In the lamplight, love,

The moths as our only witness

I taste the iron on your lips

Small cruelties flicker in your eyes

Love, kiss me more.

Door knocker brass

Curls around my heart

Copperhead snake injects his poison

I flower, black, without you

Longing for a lone white petal.

Give me your heart

Under the moon, love

Summer vases as our only witness

I taste petrichor on your tongue

You taste ash on mine

Love, give me your heart.

Picture frame gold

Curls the ends of my mouse brown hair

Scarlet shoes in the corner

Shadows slant inward the wrong way

I stare vacantly at you

Lost without backstory.

Give me the lilies

Beside the honeysuckle bower, love

Wasps as our witness

I want the individuality

Crisp in the corners of your heart

Love, give me the lilies.

Lonely in company

I hang my heart in silence

I feel the walls throb

The windows give in to agony

Crack a little.

Dust along your ridges

A blotted shadow in the corner of your eye

The artist’s hand dabbed away your sorrow

I attempt to look at you

My eyes slide along the wall

Us, a collection of daubed watercolors.

Photo by Pedro Ramos on Unsplash

Inspired by the #7DayTale June prompt on Twitter: in the picture.

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43 thoughts on “Gallery

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  1. So beautiful, dark, soulful, and amazing. I’m in awe once again. I also love the repetition in the word love, it makes this piece so haunting and it really gets to me like that. Such amazing and heartfelt work. ❤️❤️❤️

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  2. This is just a wonderful piece Jaya. It goes so well with the photograph as well. It really reminds me of the books that Victoria Hislop writes, and like them, you can really feel the emotion coming through! Think this is one of my favourites from you!
    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

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  3. I love the lines “as our only witness.” It invokes the thought of an intimacy between two people that have no care for any other eyes on them because the focus is just the two of them. Others have commented on the feeling of longing and I feel that within your words here too

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  4. I love the format/layout of this, really adds to the speed and emotion of your words. I also love the romantic tone to this! I’m a romance reader so the sense of longing and affection in the tone really appeals to me. Beautiful poem!

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  5. Door knocker brass

    Curls around my heart

    Copperhead snake injects his poison

    I flower, black, without you

    Longing for a lone white petal.

    This is my favorite part. To be black without the one we love. To long for a white part. That part that makes the difference, that part that breaks the black. That part that can cure the copper poison.

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