I plait flowers into my hair each night

Cosmos and prodigy purple holy basil

Spearmint leaf and ancestral red roses.

The braid falls to my tailbone

A second spine

Lacing its way down my flawed skin.

In midsummer dreams I sleep

Absorbing the essence of these

My fae ribs.

Photo by Shot by Cerqueira on Unsplash

Nomenclature: a system of names or terms, or the rules for forming these terms in a particular field, as in the arts.

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26 thoughts on “Nomenclature

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  1. Hi Jaya.

    Another beautifully written piece, thank you.

    I’m curious – when you write something like this, does the whole thing come to you all at once or do you get one bit and then have to wait for a while before the next bit falls into place?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Delighted you enjoyed it, Richie!

      I do not often like coming back to a piece, as I feel my train of thought is jolted by absence, so I try to complete a poem in one sitting. Since I write by hand, when I type it into a Word document, the original poem often changes slightly several times before I hit publish. So, I do it all at once, but am also open to the bits falling into place over time. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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