‘Time Lost’ Published at Spillwords Press!

I am exultant to share my poem, Time Lost, is published at Spillwords Press!

Spillwords Press is the beautiful home to many a bitter creative expression and lingering vanilla thought. As it is also the platform where Hellโ€™s Fire, my first-ever published poem, was featured two years ago, Spillwords Press holds a special place in my heart.

In writing, I search for unusual ways to convey a picture, be it through gastronomical or more literal metaphors. Though I recently received feedback from an editor suggesting โ€˜bustleโ€™ was too jolting a word to describe the arrival of dusk, I love that I was able to tip him out of his chair built out of normalcy and the expected. While my poem was ultimately rejected, it was different in a way that I love and that the right eyes will also cherish.

In my need for flavor, be it unexpected or delightful, I have discovered I enjoy exploring the connection between words and spices. Food brings people together. Over the table relationships flower and lasting connections are forged. In ink, the special and memorable conversations a favorite or unusual meal sparked between friends or strangers become a powerful metaphor personal to each reader.

In writing Time Lost, food merged with the facet-flavored dish of love.

I invite you to enjoy Time Lost and perhaps taste the words on your tongue.

Let us make ourselves hungry by
Watching cooking shows.

The luminescent screens glorify falsities . . .ย  please continue reading here and share your beautiful thoughts!

Photo by Lefteris kallergis on Unsplash

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34 thoughts on “‘Time Lost’ Published at Spillwords Press!

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  1. Congratulations Jaya! Like always, you stole my heart with this poem. I have never heard of spillwords before but it sounds like an amazing platform for poets. I am a million and one percent sure you will do well on there. I read Time lost and boy, it’s splendid. โค

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  2. How wonderful!! Congratulations! Spillwords is an excellent platform for getting recognition! I too, have a poem published there… It’s just amazing. ‘Time Lost’ is a true gem!๐Ÿ’Ž

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  3. The connection between “words and spices”, as well as food and poetry is something that involves many more senses and so can surely reach more directly.
    I agree with you about how conversations at the table can become powerful metaphores.

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  4. poetry that interweaves gastronomy very well with human relations. with affection, love. a dish made with love is a unique, unforgettable moment. love, when it is love in its entirety, in solidarity, built in each other’s daily lives, becomes rich and unforgettable, with a flavor of the infinite. Congratulations!

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    1. Jay, I am happy you enjoyed both Time Lost and Witches Cats! Spillwords is indeed a lovely place to be; the community is supportive and strives to share work that informs and delights. ๐Ÿ™‚

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