‘To Wander’ Published at Visual Verse!

I am pleased to share my poem, To Wander, is published in Volume Eight, Chapter Six of Visual Verse’s ongoing ekphrastic poetry anthology!

Though this chapter of the Visual Verse anthology is from April and I am currently focused on writing my inspiration for the May ekphrastic challenge, I still find the featured artwork from April both playful and curious, and full of the spring vibes still with us in May. The inner child in us invites us to enjoy the moment, to forget about tomorrow, and to smile. The adult in us warns we have no time.

I wandered a little in the creation of this poem. Ekphrastic poetry is especially hard because a picture presents hundreds of stories. Choosing the story I connected with the most took a fair bit of refinement and the cutting away of the distracting tales still trying to dress themselves prettily enough to attract my eye.

Nothing but growth matters in spring. To make room for it, you must prune.

Spring is as good a time for self-love as any other season. Spring is nature’s self-care devotional.

Though the fruit trees on my backyard hill have finished blooming wickedly and the intoxicating smell of the blossoms gone, I have the delight of knowing the experience of breathing in scented nectar is captured in my writing. Words are here for me even if memory fades.

I invite you to enjoy To Wander and nourish your inner creative.  

We wet our naked feet in streams

That swell with the sky. Our hearts

Curdle together at the cusp of a

Flash flood carrying us upward. Past the
. . . please continue reading here and feel free to share your beautiful thoughts!

Artwork by Cris Martin

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41 thoughts on “‘To Wander’ Published at Visual Verse!

Add yours

  1. Congratulations, Jaya. 💐 I love your comments about self-love and the inner child. The collection looks lovely. The link takes me to chapter 7. I am sure it’s me, but I am not seeing your poem.

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  2. First of all, congratulations! I smile at your precious, rare ability to transport a reader to the place of your choosing and hold them captive there till that last word is read.

    Wonderful poem that I enjoyed reading a lot.

    Paused at the lines “Past the wicked towering rocks… hills receded around them”… the words just resonated with me.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Jess, for sharing your incredible experience of my poem, and especially for sharing two of your favorite lines. It is eye-opening to see how everyone connects differently with a piece.❣️


  3. Best congratulations!
    Would you believe if I say that I didn’t know what Ekphrastic Poetry is?!
    Every time I learn somethiing new thanks to You!
    I also googled Unakite. Beauriful.
    You really nourish my inner creativity and my knowledge as well!

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  4. “Spring is nature’s self-care devotional” is a perfect way to describe how to describe the complexity of emotions and feelings that arise with the arrival of spring.
    Your poem is absolutely beautiful, it reminds me of childhood jaunts on a day trip to a lake, but also reminds me of the magic of nature.

    Thank you for sharing your poem and congratulations on getting it published!!

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  5. That was a great poem, I don’t think I could have come up with such beautiful words from the image. For me, the image screams children’s story of a bear playing pranks on two children in the woods. I would have no idea how I’d turn that into poem. Good luck with you May challenge, not that you need it

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