In Search of Secrets

The mountains hide many things. Secrets that its people hid, tragedies of lesser minds, the blood of Indians, old scotch bottles. These relics decay in the old mines and glens, in tumbled down ruins, and under the stones left behind from foundations.

Stumbling on the slopes, scratching against rough tree bark, catching yourself on a vine, you walk over graveyards, you walk with ghosts. The mountains have guided more than you to forget all else but the birdsong, so realize how strong you are, how much stronger you could be in your ideal world.

People want to know what the deal is with the fog that blocks out our fingers held in front of our noses. Nothing is up with it. It exists, like the bones of a deer or oyster mushrooms you chance across.

You hunt for the horns of the stag like the aimless bullet that felled it and the seeming trajectory of fellow lives.ย You cook the mushrooms in butter and eat them with white wine and your lover under a moon that never crests the mountains.

In the whispering dusk when the bottle is empty and you have touched the weeping ground, when you have feasted on the creamy face of your soulmate, you write. Only none of the stories belong to you. You stole them.

You stole them from mute lips.

Photo by Jared Subia on Unsplash

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40 thoughts on “In Search of Secrets

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  1. This is such an interesting take – I’d always thought that writers brought old stories and tales to life but this is a totally different angle – I’d never considered that perhaps sometimes we steal stories. Wow, Jaya, you’ve made me think today! x

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  2. Wonderful! The way you use words astounds me. I’m currently caught in the throws of Vikings (Prime TV series) and as I read your words above, I could picture everything playing out like on a TV series/movie. Even more so, I could feel the gripping suspense, fear, excitement, and love. Incredible use of words. Well done.

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  3. Gorgeous imagery and such a rich story-telling! That final idea is so fantastic – no idea is conjured from nowhere. Our ‘inspiration’ is extracting the beauty from the natural world and those same, silent mountains and enslaving the sentiment in words

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  4. I am enchanted while reading these Words.
    Do you live in a place on the mountains?
    Walking over graveyards, this is something I know more personally.
    But what I am sure about is that everytime you let me enter in a world that is MAGIC!
    Thanks a lot my dear!

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  5. Your connection to your natural surroundings inspires and moves me. Your descriptive storytelling brings us into the many scenes you create. I love this phrase ~ “fog that blocks out our fingers.” Fantastic and the ending is sublime.

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