‘How To Condense Milk’ Published at Silver Birch Press!

I am excited to share my poem, How To Condense Milk, is published at Silver Birch Press as part of their HOW TO poetry series. The series embraces how-to’s from the magical to the mundane in creative expression.

Silver Birch Press is independent publisher located in Los Angeles, passionate about sharing creative expression in all its written and painted forms.

Much like Ode to True Caramel, How To Condense Milk is a tribute to the delicious treats and sweet sauces that are most often no longer made patiently by hand but bought in cans and packages.

I enjoy evocative and tasteful food writing and have often entertained thoughts of trying my hand at writing where words intersect with food. When I sit down to write about the gastronomical me, it is mostly poetry and prose that flows. I go with it.

I love making time sensitive concoctions that require hands-on attention. I am involved in the process, putting myself into the confection, totally present.

Being present is an art. It is a practice in the consciousness of now. It is acknowledgement of not the past or future but the powerful of the present. My best writing comes when I do not struggle over the first stanza or fight with the last but simply write as one might dance to music that moves.

If you can clear your plate and sit down to your writing with an empty mind, consider allowing yourself to be absorbed by writing, to really let it be the only thing in your mind. Let the words fill you.

I invite you to enjoy How To Condense Milk and savor it as you might a taste of something delicious and fleeting.


I entice a fluffy cloud to rise above the

Silver rim of my grandmother’s pot by

Whisking until my wrist falls off,

Until the hands on my broken clock stop
. . . please continue reading here and share your beautiful thoughts!

Painting: The Milk Maid by Johannes Vermeer (c1660).

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30 thoughts on “‘How To Condense Milk’ Published at Silver Birch Press!

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  1. Congratulations on yet another poem being published, you are inspiring me! I am obsessed with incorporating food into my writing too, it seems like such a necessary human component to add to our craft which helps make it relatable.

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  2. Congratulations, dear Jaya. In addition to your beautiful imagery and use of metaphor, you write with such awareness and honesty about family bonds and connections. I love the line, “At the bottom of my grandmother’s pot.” Many meanings. I mentioned both of my grandmothers and their cooking/baking in my post for tomorrow, so your poem has special relevance for me. 💕 If I did not already have a pot simmering, your poem would motivate me to start. Lovely! I look forward to more “food” writing from you.

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  3. Congratulations! It’s so incredible that your poetry was published in this way. That’s really exciting. I also love the content of the poem. My sister is a baker and a cook and I think she’d really appreciate your heart behind this one!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. The thoughts that emerge in the mind, as do the flavors in the pot/bowl. I had to chuckle at the wrist falling off (know that feeling). Yum @homemade caramel sauce. I too write first drafts by hand, it just works for me as well. So, once again congratulations on you progress in being published. 😊🎉🌷

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