‘Canopy’ Published at Free Verse Revolution!

I am delighted to share my poem, Canopy, is published in issue one: hebe (the fountain of youth) from Free Verse Revolution!

I have been a part of Free Verse Revolution for some time. It is one of the first places I started submitting my writing. When Free Verse Revolution took a hiatus last year to decide on its focus, I missed the monthly prompts and the community, so I am elated by the quarterly issues Free Verse Revolution is advancing forth into the literary world!

This issue is a powerful reminder that youth takes on many faces and means different things to each of us. Youth may mean we are old and looking back on memory. Youth may mean we are young and afraid of growing old. I am honored to have my perspective included among this diverse and dynamic collection of voices.

Canopy is my story. I have not lived long. I am still young. I do not have a past to feel tired over, but sometimes I feel incredibly and inexplicably old. Youth is what I want to hold onto for as long as I can. Time is terrifying. It goes on, and I go with it.

Reading this issue, I am reminded youth is less of a physical state and more of a mentality. As Kristiana states in the opening pages, “Throughout this issue you will be confronted with both mythological and viscerally human responses to mortality and I hope you enjoy. Settle in, take your time and meet Hebe in human form.”

I invite you to experience Canopy. Find what youth means to you.

My great-grandmother knows the difference between a

Parlor-maid, housemaid, and chambermaid.

I do not . . .

My poem may be found on page 14 of issue one. You can experience the entire collection by clicking here or explore the issues page at Free Verse Revolution.

Cover Art by Constance Bourg

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30 thoughts on “‘Canopy’ Published at Free Verse Revolution!

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  1. When a person begins to feel life and later can express them in words, mostly stay youthful. Our hormones are a great gift of evolution; nevertheless, the journey of youth varies among us. You have mentioned this wonderfully in your poem.
    Congrats xx
    My mother walked in kaleidoscopic lights
    When music came from guitar strings.

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  2. It’s a cool project to be involved in – I skimmed through a few works either side of yours! The objective number of age is different from relative maturity, which is expressed brilliantly in your words. One day future generations will look to you with the same perspective, but until then, all you can do is continue to grow!

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  3. In general I love talking about the way my grandmother and my mother were.
    So I felt immediate empaty with your words, entering in the real dimensions of time passing by.
    Youth or age are different concepts, it depends exactly on how you feell and live them, exactly as your wonderful words described.
    Thank You again Jaya: every reading is a real emotion.

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  4. Jaya, your poem highlights connection to lineage, an awareness of changing times, and a feeling about age that most people may share with you, regardless of their age. Congratulations on your publication.

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      1. Perfectly stated.✨ I learn many things from my young friends and from my daughter and her friends. Everyday. I do think for learning to happen, one must be open to learning from people who may have “less” life experience. Some people show up with old souls and have great things to teach us. 💓

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  5. Beautiful my Layla But then age is just a number It’s the heart It’s all about the heart Love and love each moment Each year Each decade As if it’s the best you’ve ever had Then even when looking back It will be fun to watch from where you began And where you’ve landed up Who knows I never did But each day Each year Was and still is Special. With all my love Your Nano

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