‘Trauma’ Published at Lamplit Underground!

I am proud to share my poem, Trauma, is published in Volume 5: Transformations, curated by Lamplit Underground.

Lamplit Underground is a lushly and evocatively illustrated magazine where the illustrations lend deeper meaning to the writing rather than speak for the words. It is a joy to see my poem in the company of gifted fellow writers and new wordsmiths whose thoughts on transformations are transformative.

Trauma is transformative. Pain, however small I might think its beginning in someone else, cannot be measured against itself or other hurt. Hurt is hurt.

Some of us heal from our trauma. It allows us to grow stronger, to find the courage to grow, evolve, and enjoy life. Trauma is a wake-up call. Others hold onto their trauma. It becomes a part of who they are. It begins to define them. Sometimes it also holds them back.

In writing I cannot hold back. Writing that is angry, passionate, or daring is writing that moves, teaches, and encourages. Even if the writing is dark or disturbing, readers take away something valuable from it. The darkness is necessary to the story.

I invite you to enjoy Trauma and find your diamond among what you thought was coal.

Cast iron breaks at my touch

Emitting an echo like resilient glass clinking

It shatters . . . please continue reading here and do share your beautiful thoughts!

Photo by Ahmed Zayan on Unsplash

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33 thoughts on “‘Trauma’ Published at Lamplit Underground!

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  1. Wow! Another great one again. Firstly, I want to say a big big big congratulation on getting another piece published. Your poems are so spot on, absolutely anyone would love them. I do agree that trauma is transformative, it can ruin us and it can be our stepping stone to greatness. As for me, I won’t let my traumas ruin me, I will grow from them and become an even better version of myself.

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  2. I love your poem, Jaya, many congratualtions! Trauma touches our lives in so many subtle ways. I love the stanza about money ‘Dollar signs in gold/Their curves are hollow with floating dreams’ so clever to relate trauma to money. I suspect it traumatises many of us though we don’t necessarily realise it!

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  3. Jaya, I am pleased to learn about your recent publication. How wonderful!
    Thank you for sharing another interesting publication with us. The writing workshops I assist with tend to draw people who are writing their way through some form of trauma, so this is of great interest to me and I will bookmark and share.

    Your poem contains so many metaphors and stirring images – I need to read again and process the many layers going on. Bravo to you! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

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    1. ๐Ÿ˜ I am beyond thrilled that this piece is something you enjoyed and found value enough in to share! I hope each new look at the layers brings forth something new too.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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  4. Dear Jaya, as usual I read your words and I find you describing my thoughts.
    Pain is a subject with which I have been involved for several reasons.
    Surely it is transformative, since once you have been through it, you will come out changed. Exactly as you told, someone comes out stronger, someone not.
    Yes, somethings it holds back. Not easy to fight, Not esay to win.
    But only people who tried can understand.
    Darkness is necessary? Well, yes, otherwise we couldn’t treasure the light in its real value.

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    1. “But only people who tried can understand.”
      Yes! No matters is beginning or end, pain is pain and those of us who have felt it can understand how precious the light is after seeing the darkness.
      Thank you for sharing such a lovely thought!

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  5. So evocative and powerful. I imagine this from the perspective of trauma, and love the concept of it absorbing sunsets and flowers, stripping them, but still leaving them pretty. Thereโ€™s always hope, after all. Congrats on being published again!

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  6. Sometimes, we must, MAKE ourselves, BLEED out, BLEED hard enough, to KNOW what pain feels like, then, we will be able to, heal from the hurt, properly, fully, and completely, it’s just this process, that we must, MAKE ourselves, endure.

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    1. This is truly an interesting perspective! Back in the day, bleeding was one way to cure poisoning of the blood. I believe pain can also offer a healthy release if done with consciousness of mind.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  7. Congratulations on getting another piece published, it’s well deserved. Great poem, I especially like the line about wearing you insides as skin as it kind of reminds me of wearing your heart on your sleeve

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