‘Compassion’ Published at Visual Verse!

I am elated to share that my poem, Compassion, is published at Visual Verse as one of the three lead features for December’s issue!

With the year drawing to a close, I am overwhelmed to look back and reflect over the writing goals I have achieved this year. Being a lead writer is not something I ever expected to do, nor was it a goal for me, so this opportunity filled my heart.

I regularly submit to Visual Verse. To me, being a lead writer means that dedication and support of the places we love paves the way to become part of those places.

It is important to be proud of the things I have done and of the things I have written. It is important to me to write stories I will love to read in the years to come. I write and hope my writing offers inspiration to new eyes in the future. Writing is timeless.

Writing by the inspiration in a photo prompt is one way I love to write and push myself to see past the obvious story in a photo. When I received this month’s image from Visual Verse, I knew I wanted to write something new and timely. I chose to write about compassion.

Compassion is a poem born from an hour of thinking and writing.

I may not be subject to many real struggles in the world, but I can empathize with the people who are fighting for change and enduring injustice. I can offer my support in words. I can teach myself to understand what other people are going through. This is compassion. Compassion helps us grow and evolve past being judgmental.

I invite you to enjoy Compassion and hope you will browse the filling pages of this month’s online anthology from Visual Verse! The range of thoughts and interpretations from different writers all inspired by the same image is art.

I make their pain my own

Through stories written in blood and

Paintings drawn in ash

I feel the bloody past and weep . . . please continue reading here and share your beautiful thoughts!

Art by Oskar Onoku

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27 thoughts on “‘Compassion’ Published at Visual Verse!

Add yours

  1. Some achievements we plan, some catch us by surprise. But they’re all worthy of celebration so congratulations😊
    I like your take on compassion too. The world needs more of that.

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  2. To be fair Jaya for what you’ve achieved you deserve it all. Your writing is perfect! Emotions have run through in the past when I’ve read your writing because it just makes me think of the year we’ve all had. 2021 will be the better year for us all and I’ll be toasting a whisky to that 😁🥃

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congratulations, Jaya on another beautiful poem and a well-deserved featured publication. We could all benefit from showing and receiving more compassion. Your poem highlights this and carries an important message.

    Liked by 1 person

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