Ode to True Caramel

Melting into yourself

You reveal amber dreams

Dusted with delicate fancies.

Swirled between

Seventy shades of spice

You darken with delight.

You drizzle yourself

Across your wicked heart

Saved seconds before turning bitter.

In your realm

You invite eyes to swoon.

Photo by Jordane Mathieu on Unsplash

I recently made true caramel with melted sugar and was left with hearts on my tongue and words in my pen, hence this poem. The caramel was a rich amber color, sticky and divine, not the sad sauce that comes in jars or the commercialized goo that goes into candy bars. Try making it yourself here.

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25 thoughts on “Ode to True Caramel

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  1. I love the words and the fact, that you were inspired by making a true caramel! In my case, I would make caramel with salt… a salted caramel is one of the most delicious things that I have ever eaten! Have you tried it?

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  2. You painted the picture of liquid caramel so nicely!! From the color to the texture to the taste!! I like that you even included a great caramel recipe. They’re easy to make and easy to enjoy. Now I am craving for a caramel brulee latte from Starbucks LOL!

    Nancy ✨ mdrnminimalists.com

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  3. You have such a way with words, this was a gorgeous poem to read! Will also be definitely trying that caramel recipe too, may even make some as Christmas gifts! Beautiful poem x


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