Poetry Published in As The World Burns Anthology from Indie Blu(e) Publishing!

I am so proud to share that two of my poems, Self-Isolation and I Know, are published in “As The World Burns“. Published by Indie Blu(e) Publishing, this anthology tells the timely story of now.

I am deeply grateful to the editors: Christine Ray, Candice Daquin, Kindra Austin, and Rachel Finch for shaping this book and nurturing it into the light. Thank you!

From the book: As the World BurnsWriters and Artists Reflect on a World Gone Mad is an anthology of poetry, prose, essay, and art inspired by the unprecedented events of the year 2020. It embraces fierce and raw creative works relating to life during the Covid-19 pandemic, Black Lives Matter, Donald Trump, and the economic uncertainty and horror of the last eight months. One hundred and fourteen writers and artists spanning ten countries and 30 states are represented in this powerful volume. It is both a story of survival and an act of resistance.

“We speak with many voices, to the damage wrought in these violent, fevered months. Let us never forget or turn away, from what is just, what is necessary, to keep light alive in this world.”

I do not have many goals. My list is small enough to keep in my heart.

As a writer, it is my delight to share my writing with the world. At first I strived to teach myself and learn so that I could write and express myself in the ways I needed to.

Then I strived to learn so that I could share my words with more eyes and fellow poets through online publications. I have been overjoyed every time my poetry has been accepted and shared on blogs, in magazines, and on poetry sites.

My next and by far my most hopeful writing goal was to have my writing put down on the printed page.

To see my words on the printed page is a feeling I have longed for as writer. Having it fulfilled now is one of the happiest moments of my life!

My message to you is to work for what you need.

I have been rejected many times. My stories and poems have been rejected. I have been discouraged from writing. I love writing so I did not give up. Instead I changed directions and focused on something new. This was hard for me; I felt like I was betraying what came before.

I learned to take rejections not to mean I am not good enough but as a message that I can be a good enough. Teach yourself in as many ways as you can. Enjoy what you do and grow.

Remember that all the small steps are stones toward achieving your something big.

I hope you will consider enjoying As The World Burns and reflecting along with its writing on a world gone mad. Please enjoy it as an ebook or as a paperback to treasure on your bookshelf.

Cover art by Carrie L. Weis

Today is the last day to enter the 9th Experiments in Fiction Poetry Challenge. I am judging!

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32 thoughts on “Poetry Published in As The World Burns Anthology from Indie Blu(e) Publishing!

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  1. Congratulations on your continued success with the publications! 2020 is crazy – too many freaking events within a few months!! 2010’s wasn’t this crazy altogether. Pretty cool that this is an anthology of so many pieces with yours included. I like that you keep trying and pushing through rejections. Proof that it is okay to get rejected – we get back up!!!

    Nancy ✨ mdrnminimalists.com

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  2. How wonderful. It looks like an interesting and engaging collaboration. 👏🏼 I am glad to read that you did not let others discourage you from your writing passions and goals. I am sure this is just the beginning for you. 😀

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Congratulations, Jaya! It is a truly rewarding experience to have your work selected to appear in print and have your words shared with others. I look forward to reading this anthology as it features the work of many of my favorite writers from this community! Also thanks for the timely reminder about the Poetry Challenge 😊

    Liked by 2 people

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