There is an empire inside me

Build of a thousand inkstands.

A kingdom of words

Where pens are knights

Dueling over nouns and

Adjectives are slaves

At the shorn points of quills.

This is the empire

Of a writer

Where words cannot flow

If the ink is dry.

I dip my indigo medium

In passion

And write with scarlet love.

Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash

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34 thoughts on “Affair

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  1. Oh, another fabulous one! This evokes so much emotion and I love how you have described “A kingdom of words, the knights are pens”. I love how you capture writer’s block (well how I interpreted it anyway) as I think we can all suffer from that, especially when either writing poems or blog posts!
    Fantastic piece!
    Aimsy xoxo

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  2. Wow, this is fabulous, Jaya. “Pens are knights”, “empire of a writer” are my favourites. I think I mentioned to you before WB Yeats’ poem about dragging the balloon of the mind into a shed to shape his poetry but I truly believe this is so much better, it’s so passionate and evocative. Love it, I hope you submit it somewhere for wider publication! x

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  3. Oh, this is remarkable and innovative Jaya. How mesmerizing to compare the different aspects of writing to empires and kingdoms. I really adored these lines:

    “Adjectives are slaves

    At the shorn points of quills.”

    They really are! We always use them. Brilliant work here, yet again, Jaya. There is so much life and vibrancy in your pieces, and I love the energy along with the word-flow in this one. It’s amazing.

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