Penned Reflections

Strange how writing shifts

Down the path of memory

Where broken flagstones

Beckon to a wall of thorns

With roses on the inside.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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44 thoughts on “Penned Reflections

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  1. I read this a few times and all I can think is how the hooks of memories are like thorns but sometimes, hidden beneath the pain, are some roses. I don’t know if that the image what you were going for, Jaya, but that’s how my mind works!

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  2. I don’t write, not like this… but every single time I attempted it, I could feel what you’re expressing here. It’s both magical and eerie, as those shifts can take you in places you didn’t know you knew

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  3. Writing does this…especially when you’re writing something more personal or creative. It meanders around and in the end you are amazed at where your thoughts and emotions led you, or brought out.

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  4. Beautiful!! I felt like you were talking about a mistake in the past. Did I perceive it the way you conveyed it or there something more that I couldn’t get? Just curious.

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    1. I was actually musing on the many different ways of writing; sometimes I write based off what I know, sometimes I write to learn what I do not know. But always there are parallels in my mind.

      That said, I love the way you read this piece! Thanks so much for sharing.

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  5. I found myself going down a path of memory lately through one of my reflections. Not really something I wanted to go down, which felt like I was falling through a rose bush with thorns prickling, after reading this piece. Sometimes, I feel like it is needed to humble ourselves. Thanks for sharing this piece! Voted for you as well!

    Nancy โœจ

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  6. Another great poem Jaya! This one hits deep, doesn’t it? It kind of reminds me of when you are trying to fall asleep, and then a memory pops into your head that you don’t really want to remember. Great work…will go vote now!

    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsyโ€™s Antics

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