‘The Art of Loneliness’ Published at Visual Verse!

It is a joy to share that my poem, The Art of Loneliness, has been published in Volume Seven, Chapter Ten of Visual Verse’s ongoing monthly anthology of stories and precious words.

Each month Visual Verse provides an image and gives writers one hour to write a piece inspired by the monthly prompt. As Visual Verse so proudly states, “One image, one hour, 50-500 words. The picture is the starting point, the text is up to you.”

As some of you may have noticed, Nin Chronicles has changed a little! I recently added a little background color and I also bought myself a domain name. I am so proud that ninchronicles.com is now a star I hold in my hands. The pride is real!

Blogging is about community. When we share our writing, we are never alone, be it with silent friends or fellow writers who share their thoughts. With so many people craving community, there is some stigma surrounding the idea that some of us enjoy being alone.

I personally love a little solitude; it opens up space for conversations with myself. The Art of Loneliness came out of one such conversation with myself, so I invite you to contemplate the meaning of being alone.

You can dance in a field

Of poppies burned from the sun

And still not be free . . .

Please continue reading here and feel free to share your beautiful thoughts!

Photo by Andi Sapey in collaboration with Other.Dance.Art

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32 thoughts on “‘The Art of Loneliness’ Published at Visual Verse!

Add yours

  1. First of all, this poem has the most beautiful and yet daunting imagery. I felt something gaping at my heart while reading it.
    Second of all, congratulations!

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  2. Congrats with your poem and your domain name! What a milestone, indeed. I hope to get to that level soon as well. I’m still new to blogging and barely have friends in the community. I’m very shy, so I hope I can make lasting relationships soon. ๐Ÿ˜…
    Visual verses seem like a nice platform to write. I hope you will do well and proud on each session!

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  3. Congratulations on another published work!! I like that you have changed your layout as well, and congratulations on moving to a whole domain!! Your blog has grown so much and you deserve all of these upgrades. Keep sharing your work, it is amazing and love how it makes me think hehe. I feel that poem about being alone. Loneliness traps us.

    Nancy โœจ exquisitely.me

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  4. Congratulations, it’s so well deserved! Your work is wonderful. I really felt seen by The Art of Loneliness, like you captured how it looks different to how it feels so perfectly. Again, congratulations! I hope you had a little celebration! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. Exactly!! You can be a part of the group and still enjoy your solitude. This is indeed a wonderful form of art!! Another beautiful piece.
    And congratulations on the restyling of nin-chronicles ๐Ÿ‘

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  6. Congratulations for the further appreciation you had!!
    The poem is deeply touching and seeing it on the page brings the same power of instant catching as for the picture.
    Best compliments also for the “restyling” and for owing the domain name!
    Thank You!

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