‘Quilting Bee’ Published at Spillwords Press!

It has been a while since I have sent in a poem to Spillwords, so today I am happy to share my poem, Quilting Bee, has been published at Spillwords Press!

Spillwords Press celebrates all voices and passionate, raw words, because writing matters!

I found myself lacking inspiration to write this past week. Slow internet combined with daily tasks that refused to end sapped away the ink in my pen.

I had a short story to write for a competition and yet another short story to write for one of my Patreon patrons, where I offer a reward level that allows you to submit a monthly photo prompt to me to write in response to. Normally I love writing in response to a prompt but last week all I could copy down was a recipe for pita bread and beet hummus.

As I was thinking about what to write here today about Quilting Bee, I realized writing is like making a quilt; sometimes you gather the pieces and rearrange the pattern a dozen times before it shines. Other times you know what you want to sew and you get down to it.

So I gathered my thoughts around my current Patreon photo prompt of an old newspaper clipping and finished the story before the day was up. I still have a second short story to work on, but finishing one short story and sharing Quilting Bee with you is enough for one day.

Sometimes my inspiration waxes and sometimes it wanes. My message to you is not to wallow in the frustration of writer’s block but to get up and start gathering your quilting blocks.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy Quilting Bee and find some new inspiration!

A gaping hole of
Dreams and morals
Lies between us
. . . please continue reading here and feel free to share your lovely thoughts!

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34 thoughts on “‘Quilting Bee’ Published at Spillwords Press!

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  1. Reading Quilting Bee, I love the metaphor of a quilt for the destruction of a relationship. The ‘gaping hole’ and the ultimately ‘torn’ fabric at the end signifies the perhaps irreparable damage as they find themselves at opposite ends of it.
    Wonderful poem Jaya!

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  2. Great post, and I really liked this analogy – although writers block can be frustrating, there’s always a way around it and it’s all part of the process

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  3. Photos can portray so much, can’t they? I can definitely feel the words you have written through this photo. Sometimes a step back can give you that much-needed motivation/inspiration. I also love all the sewing references in the post and poem!

    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsyโ€™s Antics


  4. Congratulations once again. I love this line ‘Sometimes my inspiration waxes and sometimes it wanes’, so true. And I’m definitely lacking in the inspiration department this week so this came at the right time x


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  5. Wow, a beautiful poem Jaya! You have a way with words. Funny how some days they come and others they don’t. Pita bread and beet hummus recipes also sound like a productive use of ink though ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  6. I absolutely love your analogy of writing and quilting, that’s so brilliant. WB Yeats talked about the balloon of the mind needing to be brought into the shed in order to write and I think that’s very similar. Congratulations on being published outside again – that torn quilt image is so powerful! Lisa

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  7. Layloo, I could not post this on Facebook as somehow error shows up and says it could not be posted because other people have reported content to be abusive. What on earth does that mean? Can you look into it?

    Sent from my iPhone


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    1. ๐Ÿ™‚ Me too.
      Regretfully, and for an unknown reason, all links from Nin Chronicles have been banned from Facebook. I have been writing them every day but to no avail . . . the best I can do is share a link directly from Spillwords to my wall.


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