‘Wedding’ Published at Grand Little Things!

I love being able to share my writing with new eyes through new poetic outlets, so I am thrilled to share my poem, Wedding, has been published at Grand Little Things!

Grand Little Things is a new site, dedicated to “Returning Versification to Verse”. Without the use of images, Grand Little Things leaves the writing to shine on its own.

When I came across Grand Little Things last week, I was immediately compelled to send in a poem for consideration. I looked through the poetry section in my notebook for a suitable piece and came across a poem I wrote back in March.

Reading the poem, then titled Immigrant, I realized how far I have come on the art of writing poetry. Immigrant was not as clear or as focused as what I write now and the story was vague, but I liked the imagery so I took out a blank piece of paper and rewrote the poem into what it is now.

I like raw emotion and writing that flows with passion so I have never been much of a fan of editing; that ruthless butchering of writing. But after this experience revising and editing Immigrant into Wedding, I think of editing not as a ruthless process that filters out the best parts of writing and more like the polishing of a crystal.

The gem is fine on its own, but it will shine more if the dust is washed out of its cracks.

Some writing does not need editing, and I think we writers can sense when something is clumsy and needs to be revised. Editing is what makes the feel of a piece punch straight to the heart.

I will be hoping Wedding goes straight to your heart.

The space between

Us smells of lavender spice and

Pots of shrimp paste

Gaily tied round its rim with

Lilac ribbon

Attracting beetles and picnics . . . please continue reading here and feel free to share your beautiful thoughts!

Photo by Karly Gomez on Unsplash

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23 thoughts on “‘Wedding’ Published at Grand Little Things!

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  1. Congratulations on getting Wedding published!! So cool that you got it on a different site too :). Your work is amazing, so I hope you keep getting your work published!! I love the vibes of Wedding. Something that we need to make the most out of too! Keep up the amazing work sis!

    Nancy ✨ exquisitely.me

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  2. I can totally relate to the editing process. Some things are perfectly imperfect as they are. I love that they publish to let the writing speak for itself. Congratulations on having another piece published x


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  3. Lovely, Jaya, there are so many beautiful phrases in here. You’ve encapsulated a wedding perfectly! And I love your comments about editing too. Although sometimes I do think we get so caught up in trying to polish something to perfection that we lose the original spark. Congrats at getting published at Grand Little Things too 🙂 Lisa x

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  4. Oh, I love this one. It really makes you feel that you are at a wedding, definitely encapsulating the atmosphere. Brilliant!
    Also congratulations on having this published, you are on a winning streak with these!

    Aimsy xoxo

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