She climbed high into

The night on a staircase of

Stars to see the world.

Photo by Guzman Barquin on Unsplash

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31 thoughts on “Lunar

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  1. My daughters and I have been star gazing since lockdown began. This poem really struck me. We have been climbing to the stars and seeing more of the world, for the beauty that it is. Beautiful words xxx

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  2. That’s fantastic!! I am taking it as- she found her way even in the darkest night using the right resources. Your perspective might be different from mine😊. I am I. Complete aww of this one.

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  3. Another fantastic addition to your collection! This one could be a tattoo. I LOVE it! Have you ever considered compiling your poems into a collection to publish? You have a very strong, resonating voice

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  4. Ooooh!!! I really like this one. This reminded me of the comet that passed by earlier this week. Sometimes, we need to be in such an elevation to see the whole picture below us, the earth. I always enjoyed that especially when I was on a plane! Hope we can go back to those days soon.

    Nancy ✨

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    1. Me to! Because of the trees around me, I always make sure to go up to an overlook when I know there is an eclipse. I saw a lovely super-moon once, and that is what inspired this haiku. 🙂


  5. Love this! I haven’t really ever come across a blog that features a lot of poetry! I read a few of your poems and one of your stories and you’re an amazing writer! Your work is so thought provoking and powerful!

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  6. Love this! I haven’t really come across any blogs that feature a lot of poetry before and this is so unique! You’re a really powerful writer!


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