‘Hope’ Published at Whispers & Echoes!

I smile to share my third and final haiku, Hope, has been published at Whispers and Echoes Magazine!

Whispers and Echoes is a magazine that treasures writing that captures big emotions in few words, so I am honored to have my haiku shared on their website.

Unlike my previous poems, Lost or Found and Walk, Hope is a haiku focusing on the flip side of hope. Traditional haikus are meant to be untitled, but I find that a good title lends more thought to a piece and even gives it a new meaning, so I loved thinking deep on a good title for this haiku.

Short and sweet and to the point are three good guidelines behind a solid title, but I was still challenged when it came to naming this haiku. I knew how I felt about the piece, but not its name.

When it comes to poetry, my favorite titles are names that tell a story on their own, names that create an expectation and present a new angle, or even names that are simple.

So, when it comes to titling my own poems, I do my best to feel the poem and name a direct feeling, an opposite feeling, or a subtle feeling. Titles, I think, are windows into the world of the poem.

I invite you to enjoy Hope:

Once she danced under . . . please continue reading here and feel free to share your beautiful thoughts!

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

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43 thoughts on “‘Hope’ Published at Whispers & Echoes!

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  1. Many many Congratulations Jaya, for the amazing awards showered on you for your lovely creations! You truely deserve them. Keep up the good work! All the best for your future endeavours !

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  2. Oh congratulations again, Jaya, you are on a roll! This haiku is giving me all the fantasy feels – it makes me think of Laini Taylor or Christina Henry’s novels. Absolutely beautiful, thank you for sharing this with us! Lisa x

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  3. Congratulations on having your poem published! It is a beautiful poem. Capturing something so deep with such few words is not an easy thing. Well done!

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  4. Congratulations! I’ve never noticed that they don’t usually have names before but I found the reasoning you gave for coming up with names really interesting. I love a little BTS on the thought process x


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