Three Poems Published at The Short of It!

I love finding and exploring new places on the web so nothing brings me greater joy then to have had three of my poems; Greed, Hecate, and Benevolence, accepted for publication over at The Short of It!

The Short of It is curated by Susi Bocks over at I Write Her, a beautiful poetic place that Susi describes as “my humanity in written form”.

The Short of It is Susi’s way of welcoming new and old poets into her world. She searches for writers “who can touch someone’s heart in a meaningful way by leaving the reader saying wow, feeling an epiphany or just loudly internally screaming YES! . . .”

Since I often love the short and longer pieces Susi writes, as well as the obscure poems she shares from other writers, it is an honor to have my work shared at The Short of It.

I loved writing these three poems; the opening poem, Greed, is free style while the second two are tankas. For those of you who do not know what a tanka is, or who want to learn something new, a tanka is a form of Japanese poetry following a structured syllable count of five, seven, five, seven, seven. This means the first line has five syllables, the second line seven syllables, and so on.

It challenged me to tell a story in thirty-one syllables, but I tell you nothing makes my pen spark more then conforming a tale to fit the structure it is meant to be told in.

So, if you ever find yourself up against a wall, I invite you to try something challenging and find the hidden door in the wall you are facing. You do not know what is waiting for you to discover unless you put yourself out there.

That is what these three poems are about; offering new perspectives. Here is the beginning of my first poem, Greed.

In her hands a gift

Before her eyes a silver lining

Tied into a thousand knots of love . . . please continue reading here and share your beautiful thoughts!

Photo via Pxhere

37 thoughts on “Three Poems Published at The Short of It!

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  1. It is great that you got accepted for another publication!! Congratulations Jaya!!! Super excited that your work has been going all over the place with the features and such. You did a good job with your poem. I love that it is so easy to relate to them without having to think too hard. Keep it up!

    Nancy ♥

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  2. Congratulations! I’m proud of you : ) This doesn’t surprise me though. It’s obvious you have a wonderful way with words. Hope to see many more of your published works.

    Liked by 1 person

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