W is Wax

W is Wax

Flavored with the honey of

A thousand spirits.


Photo by Leigh Heasley on Pexels

27 thoughts on “W is Wax

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  1. Short, sweet and bright – love it.

    Leonardo Da Vinci preserved dead bodies by injecting wax in them for study purposes. He was literally flavoring the bodies after their spirits left them. Morbid thought I know but still… : )

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  2. I love this about wax! Wax is made of so many individual’s contributions. This can be the same for a lot of things. Things that we use could have been processed by so many different people down the assembly line. Though, not as intense as a wax. Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

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  3. Bees would be content that their pentagonal structurally strong and awesome creation used to store honey and bring up the next generation has not gone waste.. if not anything else it has made someone write about it…

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  4. Oh I love this, Jaya! Whenever I see or smell beeswax candles I always imagine all the tiny workers who’ve created the wax. So this is a lovely way to commemorate their hard work, you write so beautifully! Lisa x

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