Here, in the silence, no one spoke.

Taboo; a crime left to the silence

To fester and rot crumbling

As bodies ravaged

An ocean of crimson tears.


Lips sealed shut

Sewn closed with threads glistening of diamonds

Eyes smoldering behind veils

Built of thin threads

Laced with venom

Looking out.

Staring. Staring.

Knowing. Hating.

But quiet.


Photo by Nowshad Arefin on Unsplash

25 thoughts on “Society

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  1. Dying stagnant hope- wow.

    Dying stagnant hope
    I’m lost in the shuffle
    Wire live and whimsical
    Snapping and crackling, left in a shallow puddle
    I’m swallowing this down
    Words they fed to me

    Great post, so inspiring

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  2. I always love reading your latest poems. “An ocean of crimson tears” – I love this! What powerful words and emotions are felt from your words. I can’t wait to read more xxx

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  3. OOooh I agree on how taboos are seen. People don’t talk about some of taboos but how else will people know about it to not do it? People need to look out for each other. It is unfortunate that some people tend to open their mouths when it can be about hurting people. Thanks for sharing this perspective!

    Nancy ♥

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  4. Makes me want to know whose smoldering hate filled eyes were these. There seems to be such history within that mystery. What inspired you to write this Jaya. It’s powerful.

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