‘Harmony’ published at Free Verse Revolution!

Dearest people, I am so proud to announce my poem, Harmony, has been accepted for publication at Free Verse Revolution!

Curiously, I submitted a poem for the January prompt, only to discover I had missed it by hours. Having first wanted to submit Harmony, but not finding a way to retain its originality and bend it to the January prompt, I was thrilled to find Harmony fit exactly the February prompt, Waves.

As the name suggests, Free Verse Revolution celebrates the revolutions within ourselves, reaching out to embrace the unique to share with the unique. Free Verse Revolution celebrates freedom, and I am honored to have my writing shared with its collection of talented and versatile writers.

A distorted sunrise
Eclipse rises with the pearl
Glowing in the foaming hem of the ocean 

When the stars show their face

Painted nails draw back the veil

Hiding the obsidian eyes of night and

The ghostly falls of

Your broken soul

Fall into harmony

With life.

Please do share your beautiful thoughts!

Photo by Sandrachile on Unsplash

22 thoughts on “‘Harmony’ published at Free Verse Revolution!

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  1. Oh my goodness, congratulations, Jaya, that’s wonderful news and so well deserved! I love this poem, I can see how it fits with the February theme, what serendipity 🙂 And “the foaming hem of the ocean” is something I will remember for a long time, you’ve encapsulated it exactly x

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