Reflections on 2019 & Aspirations for 2020

I have never written a reflection of the past year before, but here I am, penning one down for the first time! Trying new things has been a big part of 2019 for me, so it fits in with all things first!

As each year passes, it wraps me inside. It is only when I look back do I realize the weeks I felt were empty were all building up to the pitcher full of things I have accomplished.

I am pleased some weeks slid by empty; without that emptiness, I would not appreciate the fullness and busyness as much as I do when I look back and see how well the year has gone.

I took my first plane trip.

I flew with my mother and youngest brother to Australia to visit my second aunt. We were with her for the birth of her first child, as we were with my first aunt for the birth of her first child. It was a special time, going across the world, and being present for the entering of a new life into our lives.

I left home alone for the first time.

I went to cook at a witch camp a state away for a week with a catering friend of mine. Oh, such fun we had boiling in a hundred-degree kitchen! Hearing the laughter and forging new relationships over the food we cooked was what made it worthwhile.

At the same location, only months later, I returned to cook again for one hundred men! How curious the feeling to be one of two women in the entire camp.

I took my first plane trip alone.

Yes, before I knew it, I was in the airport again, flying alone to stay with my first aunt in Tucson for ten days! I was there for All Soul’s Parade, and I walked for a dear, departed friend.

I got my first job.

And, though the café I started at closed quickly, I am at a new restaurant now. I am still wondering at how much I know and am able to do, and how far respect and empathy will carry you, from life in the home to the work place.

I started my first Patreon page.

After agonizing about what to offer, I finally went ahead and thrust myself into beginning. It has taken time to fruit, but I have two treasured patrons, and I hope to see the number grow into the year to come.

I met you.

And, while this may not seem like a first, it is a first many times over. Every time I met one of my readers, I met a new person. I have met people who give me reason to look at the poems I write with new eyes, and people who have taught me one can make the most plain things engaging if one writes with honesty and passion.

I have met you and been taught one need not meet in the flesh to be friends. Friendship exists and, despite what commercialism in movies may say about friendship without real life contact, friendship blossoms and bridges time and space.

So, what are my aspirations for the year to come?

I cannot say I have ever been one for goals, but writing this has made me excited at the thought of looking back and writing again at the end of next year. So, for the sake of remembering, I will document the few things I hope to write here next year.

I wish to start a newsletter.

I wish to create an e-book featuring my best pieces of poetry. 

I wish to reach twenty-five patrons.

May 2019 have treated you as well as it has treated me.

May 2020 flower and blossom for us together.

May the words flow!


Photo by Hannah Olinger on Unsplash






28 thoughts on “Reflections on 2019 & Aspirations for 2020

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  1. Wow, Australia for your first flight is a big one! Congratulations on taking your first solo flight too! I love what you said about your readers too, one of the nicest things about blogging is seeing some of those familiar faces in your comment section week after week. Good luck with your 2020 goals! x

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  2. It is always nice to have a reflection post to recap the year. Sometimes, we need some of the emptiness so we can truly reflect on the good. It is great that you took your first plane trip this year! There is a lot to see in the world. Congratulations on getting your first job as well. You have been an amazing blogger and I love reading your posts. You do a great job with putting together your words. Hope 2020 will be a year of new experiences and heights!

    Nancy ♥

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  3. The positivity radiates from this post, and I love that! I am sincerely glad that I have been introduced to your work this year, and to you by proxy. Congratulations on all of your new experiences, and all that you’ve accomplished in 2019, and I’m looking forward to seeing all you do in 2020!

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