Standing on cliff’s edge

I look out and see the world

It is beautiful.

15 thoughts on “Conquered

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  1. Most people would think a cliff edge is fear-inspiring. I love how you take the opposite approach and find it freeing (at least that’s my interpretation of your words and picture!). You have such a unique way of putting things, I love it 🙂 Lisa

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  2. I, as always, love this post! The idea of being at the edge is so often seen as a negative thing. But instead of that, you’ve made “the edge” a place of beauty, and of endless possibilities. It inspires a different perspective and I love that!

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  3. This is a beautiful poem with such an inspiring message! I always love how you pair the perfect image with your words, as well. Thanks for sharing! Happy Holidays! 🙂

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  4. I love that you compared to standing out on the cliff’s edge as being able to see the world. When you go do something that most people don’t dare to do, you see more, and you experience more. This is also going out of your comfort zone as well. You’re a genius at putting these phrases together!

    Nancy ♥

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