I chase the rainbow

Across wet grass but its end

I can never catch.

Photo by nrd on Unsplash

32 thoughts on “Pursuit

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  1. As always this is such a beautiful and poignant poem, and resonates so much with me. There are some things in life, like rainbows, that we chase, through trials and struggles, and may never reach them. But I think the fact that we try our best is what’s important.

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  2. When I read this, it reminds me so much of adulting. We pull work hours to be able to afford our expenses but the more we work the more we need. So, we can never get to where we need to be in a way. If that makes sense. Love this!

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  3. I really like this – feels somewhat familiar! I find it interesting that “at the end of the rainbow” is used as a metaphor for your end goal/desire, yet in reality you can never achieve that… (sounds quite negative, but hey)

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  4. I really love the visual of this piece it’s kind of like chasing happiness in a way – like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow but I also see it as always being happy and wanting to be happier than what you are in the current moment – I like to think I made sense there! Great piece as always!

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