A miracle found

Me today called responsive

Parenting. True? False?

It seems a dream parents will

Listen to a child.

Image by Artem Maltsev on Unsplash

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  1. Beautiful piece! I have little ones that I’m close with and they tell such amazing stories. It’s so important to embrace these ages and listen to everything they’re telling you because time sure passes by so quickly.

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  2. I am currently studying children’s psychology and it just seems unbelievable how long it took for someone to think about actually listening to the child instead of treating them like a project or something to be studied as if they weren’t actual human being with thoughts, wills and personality of their own. Delighted to see you chose to touch the topic in a poem!

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  3. I absolutely love what you did with the structure here, the words flow like water. And the simple questions true? false? say more than is written.

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  4. Such a great piece! I’ve heard of stories of women who dreamed of being a mother and were told there there wasn’t a high chance due to a number of things such as endometriosis and when they finally have their little miracle in their arms it’s just so overwhelming that their dream became a reality.

    Lovely piece!

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    1. Wow! Sweet & simple..yet totally summarises the parents who do not listen to their children
      Love your blog.

      Much Love,
      Farzanah Mohamed ♥️

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