Immortal Spirit

Her face had seen many a storm. Salt dried her wood and filled her crevices with crinkles of white.

Waves licked the hem of her dress when the ocean was angry and spray dampened her face when the wind blew.

She carried the spirit of the ship on each journey to foreign ports and through each battle with pirates that left the deck awash with blood.

She was the spirit of the Bonny Scot and the love of the Captain for he had carved her from the face of his dying beloved and set her as his figurehead to guide his ship as well as his heart.


First posted to my Patreon page.
Photo by Nick Jio on Unsplash

17 thoughts on “Immortal Spirit

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  1. Once again, this is beautiful. Your writing captures so much in just a few short lines. I love the comparison between a ship and a woman, the metaphors you’ve used are so powerful. It’s made me fall in love with creative writing all over again!

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  2. I love that this made me think of connection between a boat and what a girl has been through. Sometimes, we go through too much but at the same time, we still manage to survive. Even though there are times when we are close to breaking, things still work out somehow.

    Nancy ♥

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  3. I love the detail of the waves wetting her dress and the water blowing on her face – your words! Such great imagery! Such an interesting piece, especially the ending bit of him basically creating her from the face of who he loved! The way I took it was that you were describing a sculpture on the boat that’s at the front – it’s what guides his ship so that’s why I thought it had to be something at the front of the boat! Not sure if I got that right, but I loved reading the piece!

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