How To Prevent Biting While Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding. A mother’s milk provides not only more nutrients than formula but it also brings a mother closer to her child, something feeding from a bottle struggles to accomplish.

It is said when your baby is latched on properly and getting milk from your breast and swallowing, it is impossible to bite. For new mothers, however, it takes practice to attain this.

Almost every breastfeeding mother, new or otherwise, will experience having their nipples chewed at by their babies. Yes, even this gesture of motherhood, like all else, has its challenges. But that is no reason not to breastfeed! It is even more reason to go on, as generations before formulas and bottles have.

Babies will bite. Mayhap they enjoy the chomping feeling or are excited to try out their first teeth. Whatever the reason, it hurts.

When you scold, you will upset your child and often caused confused tears with babies who do not understand what they have done wrong. Angry looks or refusal to let the child feed cause deeper distress.

Another thing that happens is, when your child gets a visible reaction of irritation or frustration out of you when they bite, the more they will take to biting, thinking of it as an amusing game.

So, the next time your child bites, with this simple tip, you can stop nipple chewing by toothless or teething babies without punishing, shaming, or hurting.

  • Remain Silent. Say nothing and try to keep your face as calm as possible. Keeping irritation off your face is the first step to avoid frightening your baby. Babies are sensitive and will sense your emotions through abrupt actions, facial or tone changes.
  • Remove The Breast. Gently take your baby off your breast. You may have to unclench their gums by sliding a finger into their mouth (Be careful of long nails when doing this!). You will disrupt their feeding and they will likely let go to try latching on again.
  • Try Again. Give your baby back the breast and let them latch on again. If they bite, repeat the above two steps and keep trying. You baby will learn whenever they bite, their milk is cut off and should stop biting so they can feed in peace.

It takes perseverance and repetition to achieve the desired result so have patience! But now you know it possible to end nipple biting by nature of a natural consequence that has nothing to do with punishment or scolding.

Happy Parenting!


Photo by Eibner Saliba on Unsplash

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  1. A mother’s milk is always 100% better nutritiously than formula and also (I’d think) provides a great bonding time for the mother and child. Great tips on how to handling biting – it doesn’t sounds like the greatest experience for the mother!

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