Why Does Kelly Clarkson Support Spanking?

It shall be noted the views herein are my opinion alone and not supported by absolute fact. You decide if they are plausible. 

Kelly Clarkson’s advocacy of spanking made a huge splash during its time. While her Instagram is lathered in photos of happy family life, I doubt her reality is as sweet.

Growing up in the South, where spanking is more widely practiced than other regions, Kelly says, “My parents spanked me, and I did fine in life and I feel fine about it.” While some people break the cycle and opt for non-violent and positive methods of discipline,  Kelly is not one of them.

She so blandly states, “I’m from the South, y’all, and in the South, you get spankings.” While some people break that stereotype, and opt for non-violent and positive methods of discipline,  Kelly is not one of them. She continues the only vision of the South she knows.

As well as her background influencing her choice to spank, Kelly’s lifestyle also plays a role in her decision.

As a celebrity singer, author, and songwriter, Kelly’s time at home is limited. As a mother who spends most of her time away from home, connection with her children requires work. She is a woman who comes home for relaxation. As with most celebrities, her life is her career and, sure, family is a human side.

While her family does accompany her on tour at times, as proven by photos, there is little place for children at her concerts, talks, tours, and dinners except in strategic photos for magazines and the sake of online articles. Memories are a side benefit.

When Kelly does come home, she needs relaxation. Tired from work, she expects a peaceful home environment and as little work as possible. With minimal time to build connection and relationships with her children, she has as little time to put into any discipline but spanking. Like many parents unwilling to make the effort, she turns to spanking as a quick and short-term fix.

Positive discipline takes time and patience but ultimately creates caring, empathetic people. Kelly wants family but only to a certain extent. After her surprise second son, she had her tubes tied. When one does not truly love children, it is little surprise that they take the easiest road to punishment.

The decision to spank lies with Kelly. She could spend more time home. She could build relationships with her family. She could not spank.

Kelly chooses to spank. She chooses to put her career, like many parents, first. She chooses to do all she does and I respect her for her free choice. I do not care for some of the choices she makes.

Kelly sees her children as stage props. Family is not a word to her but rather a picture she posts on Instagram. There happens to be children in the place she calls home; a place so expensive and chic, only the best behavior is tolerated as her little ones too soon leave behind their childhood. Surrounded in a house built from money, there is no room for mistakes and accidents on the furniture.

Many celebrities have children. As humans, it is a natural urge to reproduce and pass on legacy. Celebrity children adapt and survive in their environment. They grow and live and continue the cycle of children raised with mostly absent parents and unstable marriages made too quickly.

Marriages move fast in celebrity world, ending and starting as fast as we can gossip. Photos are a way to ignite fires and put forth an accepted facade of the people in it. We turn celebrities into who they are.

With the majority of time-hassled celebrities most likely spanking, at least Kelly is honest about how she treats her children.

Kelly has worked at keeping her marriage. With high divorce and re-marriage rates among celebrities, hers is still standing after six years.

Kelly has not worked at bonding with the new life her marriage created or cared to explore their feelings nor the violence she is bringing into their lives. As she said, “You may find me spanking my kid at the zoo.”

It is her songs that reveal her true state of mind. She sings for freedom and lost love and longing. Since U Been Gone speaks of release from a poor relationship and a woman who knows her mind. A Moment Like This tells of the fairytale moment we all long for. Because Of You speaks of a woman afraid, hurt by a man in her past. Broken And Beautiful brings beauty to splinters.

Kelly is surely a romantic. She has a love for strong women and believes all wounds can be healed. While she sings for women to stand up and be strong, she neglects to teach such values to her children and hurts instead of heals them by spanking.

A natural hypocrisy.

32 thoughts on “Why Does Kelly Clarkson Support Spanking?

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  1. I don’t know why anyone would advocate spanking, it’s completely unnecessary. People that spank children are abusing their privilege of power and laziness to teach, lead, and inform as a care giver

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  2. Hmmmm🤔🤔🤔 Let me start by saying adults r an authority in bringing up their children. There is a difference between a spank and a non stop spanking which is equivalent to a beating pretty much. When u give a young one a spank on their diapered bottom all u r doing is giving them a but if a shock that whatever they r doing was not correct. It reroutes them. There r many many times this said babe will be sitting in time out when they r school ready that u wont know what to do with them. Sending them to their room is fantastic for them as it is filled with toys..a tv…video games. Believe me they dont mind at the least. And once they start to go to school they r polluted by the children who r latchkey..growing up in a single parent home…alholic/dru

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    1. Alcoholic/street drug/anti depressants/prescribed narcotic induced parents/ family/caretaker that u will go crazy over the friends/company that ur child picks to be around. There r so many things to worry about after u have a child. This world is falling apart. We want to see our children soar..thrive and just make it til their 20s alive. Keeping them focused and not turning into a video brained induced gamer is going to be a lot more real than if they did something trivial back when they were 4. Love ur children..support their choices…be the parent u never had…fix the communication gap🙂

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      1. Fix the communication gap! Yes, I love that. And I think the best way to set about doing that, even in this unfocused world of technology and hidden demons, is peacefully.
        Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!

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  3. I’m from the South. My Dad didn’t believe in spankings. He never spanked me. He used the reward system instead. I did what I was supposed to do in school because I didn’t want to disappoint my Father. On the otherhand, my mom was in favor of spankings. My Dad wouldn’t allow her to spank me and she never forgave him or me for it. She always said that I was ” spoiled”. I turned out alright too. I don’t believe in spanking children either. It confuses them. The reward system is better.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your incredible story! It goes so far to show not everyone, despite region and upbringing, acts the same way and I am smiling knowing not all Southerners spank. I think I believed that before but it means so much to hear a personal experience of it. 🙂


  4. Spanking is abuse, it condones violence, it doesn’t teach anything but more violence, fear and low self-esteem. Children who were abused often have low sense of self-worth, lack of confidence and develop depression. They also frequently grow up to either become victims or they become abusers. It never made sense to me why parents would hit their children to teach them a lesson, and why do they hit them on the butt which is a private area. Some parents made their kids bare bottomed during the spanking, it’s very strange to me, perverted! Anyone who thinks it’s ok to do this to a child needs psychological help.

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    1. Low self-esteem . . . I like that connection, as well as the connection you draw between spanking and perverted actions. I think it true that spanking is strange, be it a mere swat or something more.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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  5. I was spanked as punishment and there was nothing remotely violent about it. When you misbehave, you receive a punishment. The spanking never hurt, it was more of a shock, one slap with a wooden spoon. That was it.

    It was never a violent thing and none of us felt threatened by it in the least. Spanking and hitting children are two completely different things: one shocks but doesn’t hurt, the other is abuse.

    There may be other ways to discipline kids: that’s true but saying spanking leads to kids is just lying.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your point of view! You have definitely given me something to think about!

      In my mind, even a slap with a wooden spoon is an act of violence, no matter how minor it may be. When I say spanking leads to kids often being violent, I mean that, when the child grows into an adult and spanks their child, they have passed on that violence/way of life. Also, with so many people having been bullied and being bullied in school, that is a lot of violence going round . . .

      Thank you again for sharing your point of view! 🙂

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  6. I wasn’t aware of this, quite shocked by it to be honest. I don’t believe in violence as a viable punishment and don’t think it teaches them anything positive in the long run. I don’t think using where you’re from as an excuse to do it is a very good argument either but I guess everyone makes their own parenting choices x


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    1. I remember reading about it during its time but it only came back to me recently and I wanted to explore it more.

      I agree that violence is not a viable punishment. Excuses for any kind of violence against children are always shallow.

      I respect and value free choice; that is something I love. I cannot control the choices other make but I can make my own so I will be happy with them. 🙂

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  7. I am really shocked to find this out! Kelly Clarkson’s heyday was in my teens, when I was in a psych ward and coming to terms with how abusive my childhood had been while under the guise of “healthy spanking being good for children”. I always heard the songs “Because of You” and “Since you’ve been gone” as breaking free from an abusive mother (rather than a romantic relationship – perhaps I was projecting my own situation though) so I am rather shocked to hear that she’s hitting her own children.

    After all let’s call spanking what it is – it’s hitting/beating a child. We just give it a cutesy name to make it sound better.

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    1. I too feel as if Kelly Clarkson sings to set people free and felt as if she valued freedom. It is a mystery to me how someone with those values (including the ones you mentioned) can hit her kids and support it.

      I love that you have shared your story, your interpretations of Kelly’s songs, and am glad to know you have found healing. 🙂

      Indeed, let us call spanking what it is – violence. That is not cutesy at all!

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  8. Wow! I had no idea she supported spanking (must be living under a rock. Lol). I personally was never spanked and thought I’d be okay with it once I had children. However, now that I do have kids I am against spanking. There are better ways to teach lessons.

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    1. I did know either until it popped up in my news feed one day and I was inspired to do some digging. It never hurts to live under a rock!

      Thank you so much for sharing your experiences! It is amazing how minds change and I love that you followed your gut instinct.


  9. I personally believe teaching your children discipline through violence leads them to believe they can use violence in the future towards other people. i think it’s absolutely horrific and so wrong – in my eyes it’s child abuse. great post x

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  10. It’s one thing (and quite fine) to be against spanking. I won’t even debate that point. However, slandering a person you almost certainly have zero personal knowledge of to support your case is over the top. I have NO first hand knowledge of the woman either, BUT it took me literally 3 seconds to google Kelly Clarkson’s past concert tours and find out that she’s done shows only 41 or 42 days out of the last two years.


    That’s 688 days at home. More than the vast majority of people spend with their families. You also don’t know if she takes her family with her on tours. Some celebrities do.

    This kind of argument is inflammatory and exactly what’s wrong with political and social discourse today.

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  11. Interesting post! Thanks for sharing your opinion on this I never quite thought of it like that. I was spanked as a child but never seen it as a bad thing. Just something that happened I guess. Thanks for sharing.

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  12. I don’t support spanking either as I am trained in Early Childhood Education and we educators don’t support it….it’s my choice not to spank and that is challenged all the time by my elders as my children were growing up….

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