Blogging Is Evolution

Blogging, I have learned in my first year of writing, is about evolution. I have noticed many of my followers and those I follow are remodeling their blogs, starting Patreon and Ko-Fi pages, and buying domain names.

That is one kind of evolution in the blogosphere.

Other kinds of evolution are marked by social media followers, affiliate marketing, sponsors, and even increased monthly traffic.

We all seek evolution. It is our nature to evolve and grow and reach for new stars. To me, evolution is simply knowing more and more people are enjoying what I write, even if those people come in a trickle or a flood. I appreciate every one of you, even the occasional stopper-by. My words mean something to you and that is why I write; to bring meaning to myself and to give some meaning to you.

A domain name marks the change from beginner to intermediate and gives a crisper, more polished look to every website. As I am a lover of simple elegance and polish, the star I currently reach for is

That is not to say blogs without domains are not polished. I enjoy reading many blogs that are beautiful and simply elegant without a domain; a domain just throws in a little something extra. It is like salt to an otherwise tasty dish or sugar to cream.

When I first started blogging, I resolved all blogging expenses would be covered and earned through my writing. That is one of the reasons I joined Patreon.

Many blog posts advise I find the niche of my blog and take it from there, as blogs with niches are most successful. In a blogger Question & Answer I once participated in, I asked if one could mingle creative writing (flash fiction, poetry, short stories, etc.), and parenting (tips and advice for parents) .

The answer I received was discouraging and was adamant the mix was a recipe for disaster.

Perhaps it is for people who want thousands of monthly viewings and sponsors straight off.

But I am not here for the big numbers. I am here for the small ones, and all the little joys that come with appreciating every person I meet on my writing journey.

If I were to settle on a niche, it would either be creative writing or parenting. But, since I want to do both, and many writers are parents, I have created my own niche. This is where I belong and, if I do ever reach those big numbers, I will do it and stay true to my vision.

As well as nurturing my growing community by way of a domain name, and creating a sense of belonging to Nin Chronicles, I want to gather the funds to bring new experiences to you; my readers. Those new experiences might come by way of videos, letters, experimentation with paid themes, or me finally being brave enough to use my face instead of my current avatar.

The way you can best help me reach for my star is by becoming a patron over on my Patreon page for as little as a few dollars a month. And, rest assured, if a monthly commitment is too much for you, you are welcome to make a one-time pledge! Every little bit is appreciated.

Consider it?



24 thoughts on “Blogging Is Evolution

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  1. Having to commit to a specific niche freaks me out. I don’t like the commitment. I enjoy blogging about far too much to settle on blogging about one specific thing.

    As an evolving blogger, I have learned that you don’t always have to follow the rules. Being a blogger gives me freedom. I post what I want. This is what I enjoy the most about being a blogger.

    xo Erica

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  2. I say do it your way. If you want something to work, make it work and it will truly reflect who you are instead of a universal recipe that supposedly works. Your blog’s great, I hope you keep going 😉

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  3. You know, you never know what niches are out there until they are created. Why can’t people appreciate your poems and tips on parenting? Why does it have to be one or the other?

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    1. It frustrated me when I started blogging that so many people said I had to pick between one or the other. I am so glad to have stood firm and written what I am passionate about!


  4. In my blogs first month I had 23 categories, horrible writing filled with errors, and ZERO presence in the Blogosphere.

    Since then I’ve organized, improved my writing drastically, and (as you can see by me commenting here) I keep a presence in the Blogosphere.

    I’ve really adapted, and evolved, and changed.

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  5. This is such a great post! I relate to so much of what you said. Blogging/ writing is such an evolution and it’s so interesting to look back at things I wrote even just a few months ago. I loved hearing your thoughts on this! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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  6. Nice post! I definitely relate. My blog is really for me to explore whatever is calling to me. While I do follow my traffic numbers, I have been fortunate to not get lost in those numbers. But like you say, we are all evolving and u definitely feel that within myself and my blogging.


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