Passage Of Time

Friendships struggle to last these days

After eighteen years comes a falling apart.

A stab to the back

A lover stolen

The shattering of a heart.


Image by Jon Tyson on Unsplash.

26 thoughts on “Passage Of Time

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  1. This is true! And so sad… I’ve found myself feeling lonely lately, and scared that I might never find real friendship in my life since I’ve been letting go of some toxic friendships too…

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  2. I struggle with friendships at this point in my life and have been through things like this before when I was younger. It can be a difficult thing to over come. Beautiful words! 😊💜

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  3. This message really rings true. In the age that we live in, it can be difficult to make lasting connections with people. People often gravitate towards who they grew up with which is only natural, however growth can sometimes come from the unknown and giving someone new a chance to stick around in your life.

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    1. Yes, sometimes I feel like friendships are not based off personality but how a person dresses, where they go out and who they go out with. I think this happens more to kids in school. And, if you grow up making poor friends, you might not know what a real bond looks like.

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      1. I agree. Surface-level connections, is what I call it. I’d even say that what most people have aren’t friends but just social acquaintances — persons who will naturally disappear when it suits them. Not real friends who can be confidants and support systems. A lot of persons are too self-absorbed to pay attention to building real bonds, because it takes time and effort.

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