Diary Of A Foster Child




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21 thoughts on “Diary Of A Foster Child

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        1. Oh, wow, how amazing that you work within the fostering area. I do not work within it but I am passionate about it and might move into it one day.

          I now feel even more happy that you connected with this piece!

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          1. I can feel your love of children and your passion that they are treated with love and care in much of your writing. A child’s relationship with their caregiver forms their template for how they view themselves, others and how they are able to recognize and manage their emotions. For children who have experienced trauma, a loving and accepting carer can shape these templates in ways that shapes that child’s future. But, it is not an easy job to be a good carer….. And, there are many who do it for the wrong reasons.

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          2. That is truly one of my passions! I am a big lover of families that have no violence, and also a visualizer and embodier of hoping that children who are hurt find the love they need.


  1. This was an interesting way of doing this. I don’t know if this is a real account, but it hit me really hard. I’m not a foster kid but I can only imagine the heartache and pain a lot of them go through. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. I wanted to try something new and was really happy with the way this turned out! It is fictional but I feel like it represents what a lot of foster kids go through.


  2. What a beautiful story. God only knows what foster children go through. I hope more of them get what that this little one got.

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  3. You almost choked me – at the beginning it sounded like the book ROOM, then I saw how all his pretence was wrong, for good, foster kids always has scars, and your story gave so much hope – much love to you

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    1. Yesterday I happened to see your comment and I borrowed and finished ROOM. It was a fascinating book, with a wonderful perspective.

      Foster kids have scars but I am so glad I could give hope. Thank you for enjoying!

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