Broken Eyes

His eyes bleed into my heart

Jolting me to see the wounds

I have caused and struggle to heal.

His body said one thing

But his soul said another.

To see his spirited scattered

Across the floor of his heart

Broke my resolve and

Put it back together

Twice as strong.

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20 thoughts on “Broken Eyes

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  1. This made me so emotional! It reminds me a lot of the poetry I wrote when I actually.. wrote poetry. I haven’t picked that up in so long, but you’re inspiring me to do so again.

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  2. Jaya! This poem is lovely and it has a spot in my heart. It reminded me of how we are most times when we are going through one challenge or the other we act like everything’s fine but our soul says different and deep down we know we are a complete wreck. This poem spoke to me in so many different ways some in which I can’t even put down. Just like every one of your poems, I loved this and it really spoke to me. Beautifully written x

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