Flicker found the staff hidden in the hayloft. The intricate carving on the green metal fascinated him and he climbed down the ladder with it to hold the weapon in the light by the open barn door.

It was light for a metal staff. Flicker twirled it in his hands with ease, much like the wooden practice sword he used in the sparring fields.

Curious about how much he had learned in the sparring fields, Flicker turned to the hay bales stacked against one corner of the barn. He moved with speed as he whacked the rounds. Kai and Lyria would be surprised to know such a delicate weapon had lain in their barn undiscovered.

Kai’s shadow fell across the straw-littered floor. Flicker whirled around, holding out the staff. “Look what I found, pa!”

Kai grabbed his arm and tore the staff away. He knocked Flicker to the ground. “Never touch this again!”

Flicker scrambled back on his hands and knees. “I-I will not, pa, promise-” He cried out and covered his face as the staff laid into him, striking him as he crawled away.

The blows stopped. Flicker raised his face in time to see his father walk away before darkness claimed him.

It was the last time he saw the staff or his father.

© 2021 Jaya Avendel. All Rights Reserved.

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